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Extraction Technician
Title:Extraction Technician

Who we are

Nature’s Remedy is a licensed Massachusetts medical and adult use marijuana business. By delivering industry-leading, highest-quality services and products, we strive to help patients enhance their lives. We are building a committed, trusted network of professionals, promoting a healthy and natural alternative for healing and well-being. We strive to create impactful change, exemplified through our integrity, leadership, and compassion.

We plan to gain recognition as the industry leader in the development and production of quality medicinal and recreational cannabis that significantly improves the lives of our consumers and community. Nature’s Remedy fosters a dynamic work environment, encouraging team responsibility, accountability, and personal development. Creation of a compassionate and knowledgeable customer service environment will enable us to lead the industry in a positive direction toward informed consumerism and consumption.


Extraction technicians will work together with other extraction team members to maintain, clean, and optimize equipment within the lab space. Techs will be responsible for maintaining the production work flow involving: the preparing of cannabis material for extraction, the extraction of crude oil, the post processing of crude (filtration/winterization), distillation of oil into distillate, and the filling/formulation of distillate vape cartridges. There's plenty of chance to learn in extraction - cross training is a big thing for us. And there's also the chance to grow - to go from an extraction tech to an operator, extraction lead, etc.

Preferred candidate:

  • Has a cover letter
  • Two years or more of lab experience
  • Bachelor's in a Natural Science - Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, etc.
    • Other science based degrees are acceptable - engineering, etc
  • Associate degree in a natural science is acceptable if at least 2 years lab experience
  • ***Education does not have to be cannabis related***

Other qualities:

  • Team oriented and honest
  • Puts special attention to details & listens to direction
  • Familiar with sterile technique and lab etiquette
  • Understands the science behind decarboxylation, extraction, and post processes of crude oil
  • Knows of sub- and super-critical extraction
  • Can easily read and understand compliance related procedures
  • Has the ability to write a complete SOP without direction
  • Understands what analytical tests can be done on cannabis & extracts
  • Has an interest in optimization

Main Responsibilities:

  • Assisting extraction operators
  • Cleaning and maintaining equipment associated with extraction
  • Transporting material between different rooms for pre-extraction processing
  • Load and prepare extractors
  • Formulation and packaging/labeling of extracts
  • Move finished material for post-processing
  • Operate post-processing equipment
  • Tracking of active processes for compliance
  • Other duties as needed
Nature's Remedy is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to building a diverse workforce as it values the knowledge, diversity and performance of our employees to make us a great company. All employees and qualified applicants will receive consideration in employment or advancement without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity, citizenship, military or protected veteran status or any other basis prohibited by applicable law. Nature's Remedy is committed to hiring individuals with marijuana related CORI offenses.
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